Two lasses checking out the results of their selfie shots on their smartphones in a pavilion at the Banda Aceh Grand Mosque, Masjid Baitur Rahman grounds. This was cropped from a candid snap,  the camera was on my lap.

Casting Net


A man casting net near the mouth of Sungai Rambah, Pontian, Johor.  Must be a big catch cause I saw him throw only once.



Shafts of light hitting the horizon highlighting it makes the picture look surreal.  No special processing done here, just the normal noise reduction, punching-up the colours and sharpening.

Bright Spot


Sunlight breaking through the clouds and brightening part of the horizon. Shot at the town of Pontian, Johor overlooking the Straits of Malacca.


Mud Skipper

A partially submerged mud skipper in a small pool of water on a mudflat at a beach near Senggarang, Batu Pahat, Johor.

High Noon Landscape


Taking landscape photographs when travelling places, you can forget about the lighting angle. It depends on your luck or you have the time for it or you plan for it in advance.  Basically you are left with the subject, composition, colour combination (or colour harmony), focal point and detail.  Luckily colour combination for general landscape is almost always there, blue sky, green foliage and brown earth.  This photograph was shot on the northwestern part of Lombok, Indonesia, while I toured part of it on a motorbike.

Out & Out


Outrigger out in the sea at a place further up from Tanjung, Lombok, Indonesia.

High & Dry


Outriggers rested on the beach.  The boat on the left uses PVC pipes for the floats while the one on the right is old school and probably made of bamboo.



A hen searching for food at the beach.



Am in Lombok now and had just finished cleaning the camera body and lenses.  While testing the camera, had a little artistic feeling.  The image was shot handheld and held still for a while to register the image sharp and then intentionally moved it around.

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